Robi Comb - South Africa

Detects, Kills and removes Head Lice & Nits


Safe and Non Toxic


Can be used by the whole family

Powered By Single AA Battery

†† Safe and Toxic-Free

†† Head Lice Solutions

††††† Electronic† Lice†† Comb


Welcome to our site and to learn more about our innovative products and our strong commitment to Safe and Toxic-Free Head Lice Solutions.


Finally, Eliminate Head Lice Safely and Gently without having to put your child in the bathtub!


As the comb slides through DRY hair, it makes a soft humming sound until it encounters a louse. At that time, the sound stops and a small electrical charge passes from one of the combís teeth through the louse and instantly killing the louse. Using the small brush included in the package, the user removes the dead louse from the combís teeth and resumes combing. The comb can be stored and used repeatedly by the entire family.




Detects, Kills and Removes Head Lice & Nits

†Can be used repeatedly by the whole family

Powered by a Single AA Battery






Price R459

Price R175

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