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We somehow avoided the school lice epidemics all these years . . .

that is, until 3 1/2 months ago, when our 11 year old daughter came home from school with them.

We used the usual brand from the drug store and followed all the recommendations by the book.  The infestations occurred again and again until we were all at our wits end. 

The school nurse gave me a flier she had on LiceGuard and we went out and bought the Robi Comb and Preventative Spray that very evening.  We have not had a problem since. 

I can't tell you the relief we feel to have found your products.  I just wish that someone  had told us about them at the first infestation, so that our sweet daughter would not have had to be exposed to the pesticides in the "big name" brands. 

I have told all my friends about your products and will continue to sing their praises.  Everyone should reach for LiceGuard products first.

Our childrens' health ~ and our own sanity~  depends on you. 

Many thanks.



Hello, I just had to write and tell you how impressed I am with your Robi comb. My daughter seems to be so suseptable to head lice. With long hair to her waist, I have battled this with pure frustration,anger and tears. I came across your product by accident when I went back to the store for more shampoo. It turned out that I didn't even need the shampoo after all. The comb is an absolute Godsend and blessing. After reading the testimonial for the repellent, you can bet that will be my next purchase. This was definately worth every penny. Thank you for such a wonderful product.



Joyce Sass

Cape Coral, Fl



 Hi, i am wriiting to let you know that i have purchased one of your products at our local super wal-mart. it was one of your robi combs that i saw and after spending and spending on shampoos and other chemicals to fight these awful things i wanted to find something to rid my children of these bugs. i got home and used the robi comb and i was amazed at how affected and easy it is to use. my children didn't complain and there was no stinky smell like the shampoos and now i feel relieved and am happy with the results. please keep bringing in products like these and there will be some happy parents because i sure am. i will be looking forward to purchasing more of these fine products.thank you






hello ~



 I just want to tell you how happy I am to have found your products. I was living in a nightmare when I found head lice on one of my daughters. I literally felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown because the other products didn't seem to be working. I was going out of my mind, and I was searching a website where someone recommended the robicomb. I rushed up to walmart and bought it right

 away. I was delighted to find out that it works just like it says it does! I just can't say enough good things about it. I even went out and bought the preventative spray too. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




 Michelle Proudfoot



 After reading all the testimonials on your web site, I decided to submit my own. I am a registered nurse with three small children (all girls, all with long hair). My children attend a local daycare. Apparently another child attending the daycare passed along their lice problem to my daughter. We, of course, did not notice the lice until they were overwhelming. This was not our first experience with lice but it certainly turned out to be the worst. Fortunately they did not spread to my two other children, myself or my husband. Once the lice were found I shampooed my daughter’s hair with the treatment most familiar to me. I then diligently combed for nits every day. When I thought things looked good, I stopped. Wouldn’t you know it, after a day at the pool, I spotted some “live ones”. Again, I spent more time and money repeating the above.


While at work one day a coworker saw your lice repellent in our hospital pharmacy. Being that I am not quick to trust nor had never heard of your products, I immediately accessed your web site. I actually cried as I read the testimonials! How familiar they sounded! I was fascinated by the Robi comb and tracked one down at the local Eckerd Drug. I used the Robi comb on a Friday and by the following Tuesday my daughter was free! I again was diligent in picking for nits but each day they became less and less. All three daughters have had haircuts since then and we use the repellent each daycare day. I use the Robi comb every other day just to make myself feel better and I haven’t been let down yet!! I am telling anyone who will listen about your products. If the daycare does not purchase a Robi comb for themselves, they will be receiving one from me. I can’t thank you enough.




Andrea Zellers

 Lancaster, PA




I would just like to write to tell you how much I love the lice repellent spray and the robi comb. I have been using it for two years now. My only problem is that after a couple of uses the robi comb quits working. I have had to buy two and now my second one is no longer working. But when it was working it was wonderful.

 Unfortunatly, over the summer I haven't been using the repellent spray and my kids ended up with lice again. I just found it today and had to run out and buy a shampoo kit because my robi comb doesn't work anymore.

 If you have any suggestions about what could be wrong with and how I can fix it I would really appreciate it. I have tried cleaning it over and over with no luck.


 Thank you for your time,

 Lindsey Garner




I just wanted to say that we have successfully battled our head lice problem with the Robi Comb and your Shampoo.

I just wish we had found out about Robi comb when we first encountered them. We would have gotten rid of them much, much sooner. We still run the Robi Comb through my daughters hair for periodic checks. It is sure nice to know we have the Robi Comb for any future problems with head lice that we may encounter.



Thank you,

Debra Von Behren




Hi! I just have to tell you how grateful I am to you people! My husband and I have 4 children plus various foster children. Lice has been a HUGE problem in our home this summer. I have literally tried everything I could think of, I even got the girls hair cut short. Nothing worked! I will safely say we have spent, in excess of $500 on shampoos, sprays and egg removers. Then I just happened to see Robi Comb in a pharmacy, I didn't buy it but I did tell my husband about it. One night while doing the kids hair AGAIN, I just started crying! My husband went and bought your product. It is almost too easy! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I tell everybody I meet about Robi Comb! Any one that has children should own one! Again, my sincerest thanx to you all. You saved my sanity!


Wendy Poff

Beloit WI


I just wanted to email and say Thank you! Thank You! A hundred times Thank You! I purchased your Robi Comb, after having used everything else on the market and I am not kidding. Had I known I could have saved myself a week and a half of grief, and $285 on products that were difficult to use and not at all efficient, I would have thought there was some catch. Your product ended the misery my family suffered with head lice. I have since been telling all my friends with kids that your comb is the best investment I think I have ever made and they too are running out to the local stores to purchase for themselves this miracle product. My sincerest Thanks to your company and all the hard work you have put into the research and time to make this THE BEST lice ridding product on the market!!


Kristin DeBeck

Deforest Wisconsin




We purchased the Robi Comb after battling head lice for approx. 2 months. Without everyone being treated that the kids were coming into contact with, they were continually being re-infested. After going to the local health department, I learned of the Robi Comb and purchased it that day. We have been using it daily since then, on my children, myself and all the occupants of their father's residence. No new lice have been found. I love this product and will recommend it to everyone I know.


Lora Walker

Sandusky MI


"Both of my children five year old and six years old had head lice at the same time! I even got it! Robi-Comb cleared them up. It's great for a family with a recurring problem. I use it now if their heads itch at all."


Cheryl Nolan , Parent

 Long Beach , New York




We received our Robi Comb. I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for this product!!! We have two daughters, ages 4 & 8. Our 8 yr old has had several instances with head lice. We have done everything possible to get rid of them and have had a terrible time. We have stripped her bedding on a daily basis, been advised to use a hot iron to iron her bed (which we have done) thrown away bed pillow after bed pillow. We have tried the mayonnaise treatment, the kwell shampoo, and ALL the treatments from the store, which the lice became immune to.



We had come to the conclusion that head lice were just a normal part of her everyday life. Very frustrated and concerned, we though we would try the Robi Comb!!.HOW DELIGHTED we are!!! We received the comb and instantly ran it through our younger daughters' hair, nothing. We ran it through our oldest daughters...well tried. The MINUTE I stuck it in her hair the Robi Comb STOPPED!! We thought no way this comb CANNOT work After running it through or trying. It stopped each time. Sure enough!!! There were lice on the teeth of the Robi Comb!! Ten Total!!! We ran the comb through her hair until it no longer stopped making the buzzing sound it makes and no more lice!!! We pulled the nits from her hair and use the Robi Comb daily.


Thank you for such a wonderful product! I have recommended it to all of our friends and will be taking it to the schools to recommend it to the public school system.



Annette Wheeler

Jackson , Michigan


I am very pleased. In the last year, we've had three outbreaks of head lice. We ended up with a very powerful medication from the doctor, which cleared them up, but my daughter had sores on her head. Robi-Comb eliminated the lice in two weeks, painlessly. With this comb, I can check her head every day! I don't miss. I'm out there talking about this product to anyone who will listen."


Karen Smith , Parent

 Auburn , New York



"The RobiComb has been a God-send. I used Lindane when my two girls came home from school with head lice. I had to use it twice as there was still at least one live bug still in the hair and I had already exceeded the recommended dosage of 4oz due to her very thick hair. They became re-infested several days later at school. I didn't want to use any more chemicals as my youngest daughter has asthma. I was beside myself wondering what to do. I saw you product on the Internet and a friend said the local pharmacy sold them. I used the comb and continue to do and so we are now "lice free" thanks to you. THANK YOU! "


Parent, Toledo , Ohio


I purchased a RobiComb a couple of months ago, and I have found it to be the best thing to hit the market for lice of all time. My daughter just started the fifth grade, and we have fought lice since the first grade, very unsuccessfully. I couldn't count the hundreds of dollars spent on shampoos over the last four years. We were using them every 4-5 days last summer, which was not good or safe, but I was desperate. At the end of summer, we still had lice. I used oil to smother them, and that helped some, but still not completely. I am now happy to report that I can not find any lice after using the Robi Comb a few times. We do still see some eggs, but I think they are empty shells. We will continue to use the RobiComb, along with a metal comb for nit removal. And I will recommend it to everyone I know. THANK YOU; you've been a life-saver for me and my daughter.


Parent, Morristown , Tennessee



"For 2 years we have battled lice. Infestation seems to be rampant in the children of our community. I have spent hundreds of dollars on every conventional and non-conventional treatment on the market. In tears one day I went to a nearby metropolitan city to try and find one that I had not already used, and found the Robi-Comb. I had never heard of it, but decided I could spend the same amount on shampoo to use on two daughters with long hair, PLUS buy more sprays for the furniture, or try this. I had prayed for a miracle, and got one. It was the best investment I've ever made. If it could remove the nits as well it would be perfect, but a metal nit comb following the Robi-Comb works wonders. Not only is this the most effective lice-killer I've found, the girls enjoy the attention of having their hair played with rather than the stress and frustration of using foul-smelling chemicals that just don't work. It doesn't hurt, doesn't stink, and doesn't pull out half of their hair and break the rest. And cleaning is so easy! I wish every one of our neighbors owned one."


Parent, Princeton , Texas


I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the Robi-Comb. I am so delighted that I bought the last two we could find at Walgreen's. We need more in the Seattle area!




My children got lice at their school daycare in January 1999. I spent a lot of money on NIX, Rid, Licemeister combs, tea tree oil, tea tree shampoo, Clear shampoo and egg remover, KY jelly, lice spray, insect bombs, new linens, cleaning, laundry, etc, etc. I also had to take them out of daycare and school, as there is a "no nits" policy. I lost time at work. It has been very stressful. I would get rid of the buggers and they would come back. It was a vicious cycle and a tremendous expense. I called the health department, lice hotlines, looked on the Internet and know more about lice than I cared to know. I was at my wits end when I decided to try the Robi-Comb. Little did I know that was what worked! I could not believe it !!!!!

 I had struggled so and my children had just suffered too much. I have told everyone I know about the Robi-Comb.

My co-worker's daughter had lice since January, also and nothing worked for her either. Presto, the Robi-Comb came to her rescue.

I am so delighted. My children finally got haircuts and are in school today, lice free. You cannot know how much I appreciated your product. It has changed our lives. We continue to use it every day to insure the lice never return.


God bless you. Robi-Comb is a dream come true."

 MA, Seattle , Washington


"Thank you so much for coming up with the Robi-Comb. Our daughter has suffered for two years with lice. We have tried every shampoo on the market and have tried prescription shampoos with no success. We have followed all the standard procedures for cleaning the home. Your comb has been a great success. We have been using it for a week now and have noticed a major difference, as has our daughter. We are telling everyone about this great product."


PD, Orlando , Florida



I just wanted to say thank you for marketing the Robi-Comb. My kids kept getting head lice and I caught it the last time. I was using so much lice shampoo on their heads their doctor told me not to use it anymore. I really like the Robi-Comb because you can use it on all family members and the lice cannot build up resistance to the Robi-Comb like the shampoos. Also, I do not have to worry about putting any more chemicals on their hair. So I just wanted to say a big thank you."


CS, Mascoutah , Illinois


"I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your comb is. My daughter has waist length hair and I was devastated that we were probably going to have to cut it to get rid of the lice. After many applications of pesticides we were at our wits end. And then I found your comb on the "net". After 2 weeks of combing and checking through her hair she is finally lice free thanks to your comb. My daughter and I are very grateful and just had to tell you. Thank you so much !!!!"


KB, East Tawas , Michigan



"I was very impressed by the Robi-Comb I purchased from your company. My family has battled lice for 2 years consistently. We will get it cleared up and it's back in 3 weeks. After using the Robi-Comb on my daughter and myself I am pleased to recommend this product to other families. It prevented recurrences and was gentle on thick, coarse hair. Thank you for inventing a solution to all the shampoos that don't work."


LB, Edgewood , Maryland


"I think your products are just great. I am so pleased with the Robi comb; it works so much better than anything else on the market. I am ordering the shampoo and spray to keep on hand when school starts back up, just in case we have this problem again. Thank you. "


BS, Flint , Michigan



Hi! I just wanted to say that we have successfully battled the head lice problem with the Robi-Comb and your shampoo. I just wish we had found out about Robi-Comb when we first encountered them. We would have gotten rid of them much, much sooner. We still run the Robi-Comb through my daughters' hair for periodic checks. It is sure nice to know we have the Robi-Comb for any future problems with head lice we may encounter. Thank you. "


DB, Springfield , Illinois


"In desperation, after seeing shampoos begin to fail, and after repeatedly picking hundreds of nits out of our daughter's hair, only to see them return, we bought your comb. We reasoned that the cost, if the advertising was true, would be far better than what we were spending on shampoo (that never once was completely successful, by the way).


It's been ten days since we picked up the comb. We've made a game out of nightly electrifying the lice. That may sound a bit cruel, but to have your child's cooperation in this process is a blessing. We brush the stunned or dead lice from the comb into a bowl of bleach water so that our daughter can count the total each night. Tonight there were none. I know that perhaps you can't imagine how wonderful that feels. Perhaps you can. Needless to say, we are thrilled and cannot thank you enough. As school starts back up in the fall, you can be assured that we'll be ordering your repellent."


KC, Orlando , Florida



Just wanted to thank you for your products which are great! My daughter's day care had a lice outbreak in August and I did the usual assortment of head treatments (Nix, Rid, No-nits) plus some others (mayonnaise as recommended by the daycare center!) I spent hours combing my daughter's hair and I thought we were through, but when I noticed her scratching her head again last month, I checked and sure enough, they were back.


Again I tried the same products, but then I found some of yours. The idea of the Robi Comb intrigued me so I bought one. During the initial outbreak, my daughter's pediatrician had recommended that the whole family be treated. Even though I never found anything in my hair, I could never be sure (since I can't see my own head). After doing about 3 treatments and combings with other products, I tried the Robi Comb on my daughter's hair and found two live lice that I had missed! I never would have thought this comb would have worked. I have been using the lice repellent spray every day when she goes to school to help protect her. And since I knew the Robi Comb worked I was able to use it on my hair and found nothing (a relief!) Your products not only help to save me money but they also take MUCH less time. For me to do the traditional treatments on my daughter's hair, it would easily take 2 hours!


B. Bodrog

A Mom in Maryland


I am a parent of a 2 and 4 year old. I have been fighting head lice for at least 2 months and have spent at least $300 on chemicals and laundry. My neighbor and her daughter ended up getting it as well. She and I have tried so many things to get rid of this stuff you wouldn't even believe. We have tried Nix, Rid, dog shampoo, cat shampoo, straight bleach, olive oil, eucalyptus oil, cedar oil, Windex, pine sol, Raid, daily picking in addition to all of the above and nothing has gotten rid of it. I finally ended up calling the local Health Department and they told me about the Robi Comb. I was highly skeptical being that we have tried all of these things but finally did. I was amazed to say the least. The first time I used it on my daughter I got out at least 7 bugs. The most I have removed from her the entire time I have been fighting this. I know so many people with kids and I have recommended your product to them all. I now worship the Robi Comb God. I just have one other thing to ask, did a mother invent this product?


Thank you so much for inventing this product.

Tanya Nason

Bend Oregon



I would like to thank you for delivering a product that really does what it says! After treating my daughter with a common OTC lice Shampoo that contains toxins, I went NIT PICKING and in the process thought that all LICE were removed; as I could not see any (dead or alive). The next day, as I was in my local F&M drug store I happened to see your product, The Robi Comb and I decided to purchase it and utilize it for a second nit picking. When we sat down to nit-pick I was appalled and surprised by what I had seen!!

Robi Comb had successfully detected, captured and removed 18 DEAD LICE and 3 live lice from my daughter's hair that I did not know even existed because I never saw them during my first visual examination!

I just assumed that after the shampooing the lice died and got rinsed out in the tub, while only the nits remained. Although I was rather disgusted when removing the lice form the Robi Comb; as this was my first UPCLOSE look at lice I was so thankful that I had purchased your product.


Thank you once again.

Janet K. Baldwin , MI USA


After trying everything on the market my great granddaughter's first year at school dad been a mess.

Your Robi Comb is a blessing.


Marcie Fessler

Newport , KY



I just wanted to thank you for making the Robi Comb. My daughter had gotten lice from the neighbor down the street. She had several treatments with Nix. I was ready to go crazy. Then we purchased the comb. Even my daughter felt better and somewhat relieved once we used it. I wish I had purchased it sooner, but I didn't know about it. Thanks.


Bonnie Focci

Wynona , IL






I recently bought a RobiComb from my local pharmacy to use on students who have been unable to rid themselves of head lice using the shampoos; we are trying every avenue to help these students remain in school. Your comb works, and I am happy to have an alternative. I have recommended it to various parents as well."



School Nurse

 Whitehouse , Texas


Robi-Comb works very well for us and we're pleased to recommend it to parents. Compared to what it costs to treat head lice with shampoos, it is actually a lot less expensive, especially if there's more than one child in the family.'"


School nurse, Greenbelt , Maryland



"I have been totally impressed with the efficiency of the Robi-Comb. This is the second year I have been using it in my schools. I have removed lice so small from children's hair that the naked eye would not be able to detect. I have had children return to school with letters from their physician that they were "lice free".

Upon returning to school, I will comb their hair with Robi-Comb and lo-and-behold remove very small bugs from their hair. I believe this is the real reason why many people become re-infested: to the naked eye the children are clean, but in a couple of weeks the cycle begins again.

I have recommended the Robi-Comb to many parents, especially my repeat cases. Thanks for a great product".


School nurse, Kingsland , Georgia


I recently bought a Robi Comb from my local pharmacy to use on students who have been unable to rid themselves of head lice using the shampoos; we are trying every avenue to help these students remain in school. Your comb works and I am happy to have an alternative. I have recommended it to various parents as well.


Joyce Hahn , RN

School Nurse



With head lice being so resistant to the chemical shampoos, what do you do? Parents had told us about an electric comb that kills lice. Skeptical, Yes! But, a parent who had purchased one gave one to our school as a donation. We tried it during a routine re-check and we were amazed at the way it worked. It captured and killed three to four live lice that were very small and could have been easily missed with the naked eye. I'm a believer! And I am planning on spreading the good news to families. With the expensive shampoos, you can easily spend upwards of $150 for a family of 6. Robi Comb is safe and effective as well as very, very affordable. Thanks!


Loretta Brady

Elementary School Secretary/Nurse



"I have been using your LiceGuard Spray on my two girls for about 1 month or longer and I am very impressed with the results that I am seeing.

About 3 weeks ago, my neighbor's little girl was sent home with head lice and I pick her up from the bus stop everyday and take her home and my children remained lice free.

About 2 weeks ago, my oldest daughter had a friend spend most of the weekend with us and my daughter and her friend slept in the same bed. When she went home the next day, her mother called to tell me she had lice, and again my children remained lice free.


Thank you for such a wonderful product. With the lice being so bad at schools these days it is great to be able to have a product like this."

LiceGuard Mother, Newton , MA

Laurie King , Sapulpa , Oklahoma


"Since I started using LiceGuard on my daughter's hair she hasn't had any problems in school with lice. I think the schools should know about this product - that way other parents can use the product. Then we wouldn't have the problems we have in schools."


LF, Hanover , Pennsylvania



"I recently bought your repellent for my daughter, who has had to fight with head lice for two and a half years in school. We have tried everything from NIX to RID and even home remedies - all of which have failed. I tried the LiceGuard and I have noticed no lice in her hair at all and I am very pleased with the product."


C.O. , Pennsylvania




"I'm happy to offer a non-toxic solution to the problem of head lice. It just makes sense, particularly since a lot of the toxic treatments don't work. Robi-Comb has another advantage - - it can be used by more than one member of the family. Since we started stocking it, we've gone through more than 100. The product has literally supported itself."


John Preckshot , Pharmacist and Owner

 Proctor Professional Pharmacy

 Peoria , Illinois


"I'm very impressed with the LiceGuard repellent - and my customers are too. Since the product began appearing on our shelves earlier this month, I've sold at least four dozen units, an incredible number for a completely new item. Perhaps sales were driven by our customers' good experience with Robi-Comb, but I believe sales are now being driven by word of mouth reports on the product's effectiveness."

"One mother who sprayed her daughter's hair each morning before school was delighted to tell her child is the only one in her class of 20 who hasn't gotten head lice! Those results are sure to build a following for this product."

"When I first got Robi-Comb, I sent it over to our local schools, explaining that we had a non-toxic solution to the problem. They fell in love with it. Now parents are coming in to get them, and we've not had one returned.



 William Moyer , Pharmacist and Owner

 Moyes Pharmacy

 McDonough, Georgia