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Safe and Effective
Now you can remove all the Dead/Injured Lice (zapped by Robi Comb), Eggs & Nits using our Egg & Lice Combing Kit. Our Egg & Lice Combing Kit is made from high quality materials and is suitable for home or professional use. In fact unlike other flimsy plastic combs, our combs come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Egg & Lice Comb

Price: R150

Lice Comb Features

Teeth made of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

Teeth have blunt & rounded edges for gentle combing

Combs are tough and may be boiled for hygienic cleaning

Combs feature large comfort handle for easy combing

For use on ALL hair types

Recommended by School Nurses & Pharmacists

The Egg & Lice Combing Kit Contains:

1 - Yellow Lice Removal Comb
1 - Blue Egg & Nit Removal Comb
1 - Magnifying Glass / Hair Pick Tool