Instructions on how to use Robi Comb




Comb out all the knots before using Robi Comb. 

Robi Comb can only be used on dry hair 

Use once a day for about 3 - 5 minutes

If lice is detected, Robi Comb must be used for 12 days

Cover the scalp area, behind the ears and the nap of the neck.


By using it once a day for a period of 12 days, the louse does not get a chance to lay more eggs as it cannot  re-produce in the first 2 days, this way the nasty cycle of laying more eggs is broken and at the end of the 12 days the person is lice free.

It is very important not to skip a day.  It is also important to check once or twice a week (it literally takes 3-5 minutes) in order to prevent a re-infestation as the child goes back to school and can very easily get re-infected.  .


It is not necessary to comb through the long hair as lice lives close to the scalp in order to feed.

When combing behind the ears, ask the child to hold their ear down as it can be sensitive behind the ear.


The comb makes a humming noise and when it detects and zaps a louse the humming noise will go off for a split second

and resume humming again.  Should it not resume humming,  check the teeth as a louse could be trapped in the teeth.

Clean the teeth with the little brush.


After covering the entire scalp area.  Dangle the hair over a wash basin and comb through all the hair with the Metal

Nit Remover Comb.  You will be amazed at what falls out.  The Metal Nit Remover Comb will remove all the dead lice including

the nits which are otherwise very difficult to remove as it sticks to the hair.



Detects, Kills and removes Head Lice & Nits


Safe and Non Toxic


Can be used by the whole family


Powered By Single AA Batery

Robi Comb - South Africa